Smell Proof Storage

Traps Smells

Each bag is constructed with a unique combination of materials specifically for storing and preserving cannabis.


Avoids Detection

No metal or foil ensures you’re as discreet as possible.


Locks In Moisture

Reinforced zippers lock tightly to seal in moisture and preserve freshness. 

Protects Privacy

Black bags and non-transparent designs keep your contents confidential, making them an excellent choice for high traffic areas.

Smell Proof Storage

Secures Contents

Heat seal compatible materials and construction enables anyone to professionally seal their bag with a one time use tamper proof tab above the zipper.

Pocket Sized

Several pocket sized designs for optimal discreet portability.


Blocks UV Rays

Black Stink Sack bags protect THC potency by blocking out heat, light and air.

Travel Sized

Quart sized bags meet all TSA carry on requirements making them perfect for securing perfume and other toiletries on any vacation or business trip. Our larger 1 gallon and 2 gallon bags are also great for dirty laundry and gym clothes!